Pure Organic Products

We are committed to growing our aloe vera plants organically, because we believe that it is the ultimate commitment to a clean, sustainable, and regenerative agriculture.

Organic farming represents an oath to respect our natural environment by eliminating synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, which can contaminate both the soil and the underground aquifers.

Benefits of organic farming

There are many benefits to growing aloe vera plants organically, including:

* Better quality products: Organically grown aloe vera plants are healthier and more nutritious than those grown with synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. This means that our products are of the highest quality and contain all of the beneficial properties that aloe vera is known for.

* Cleaner environment: Organic farming helps to protect the environment by reducing pollution and water contamination. It also helps to conserve water and soil, which are both essential resources.

* Better for the workers: Organic farming is safer for the workers who harvest the aloe vera plants. They are not exposed to harmful chemicals, and they are more likely to work in a healthy and supportive environment.

Both our agricultural crops and our manufacturing facilities in Mexico are certified organic by the prestigious certification organization Oregon Tilth, based in Corvallis, Oregon, USA.

Our products offer the following certificates:

  • NOP- USDA Organic Certification
  • Canada COR Organic Certification
  • European Union Organic Program
  • Mexico LPOMEX Certified Organic

Additionally, we offer Kosher Parve Certificate and Halal Certificate.